New Hires at TripAdvisor, Rio SEO, Snap

Every two or three weeks, guest columnist Geoff Michener rounds up some of the latest hires and openings in local and digital marketing. This week’s roundup also includes openings at Instagram, ThriveHive, and LoopMe.

How Should SMBs Track ROI From Local Search?

It’s likely that many local merchants misunderstand the importance of using tracking metrics to inform their marketing practices, or they feel overwhelmed at the thought of adding yet another task to their overcrowded plates. To find out how these business owners could be doing a better job of tracking local search metrics, we asked top experts in the field.

How Brick-and-Mortar Merchants Can Win at Local Search

A battle is being waged online, as independent merchants struggle for top billing in local search results. We asked six experts in the local search industry for their best strategies for “winning” local search. Here’s what they said.

6 Ways to Connect With Local Influencers

Pinpointing the right influencers to target — those most likely to impact the purchasing decisions of other shoppers — involves looking at a combination of location, demographics, and reach. It also involves crafting a deliberate and personalized strategy on the part of the marketer…

6 Tools for Targeting Brand Influencer Look-Alikes

The type of word-of-mouth marketing that once took place inside coffee shops and around water coolers has moved online, as “brand influencers” — social media users with a significant reach — play an increasingly important role for companies of all sizes. Here are six tools that companies can use to identify and target “look-alike” consumers…