Roundup: Mapping Tech Evolves, Adding Third Dimension and Pedestrian POV

To define the current state and future trajectory of mapping, we’ve rounded up top industry voices from Foursquare and NextNav as well as Street Fight’s own Mike Boland.

LBMA: NextNav Merging with Spartacus

In this episode of Location Weekly, the Location-Based Marketing Association covers a free laundry service for the homeless, Rockbot teaming with Clear Channel on the airport market, NextNav merging with Spartacus to go public, and solar-powered e-paper bringing real-time signs to the Bavarian ski resort.

Gimbal, NextNav Go Vertical with Next-Generation Location Offering

Gimbal, the location intelligence platform, and NextNav, the developer of geolocation technologies, are coming together on a new vertical dimension that could help brands and retailers more accurately understand how customers are moving through physical spaces. The potential applications are vast, but executives at both firms see fulfillment options like curbside and in-store pickup as being some of the most immediate use cases.

NextNav Releases a Plug-in for Vertical Positioning

In this episode of Location Weekly, the Location-Based Marketing Association covers NextNav releasing a developer plug-in for vertical positioning, PointMe developing a solution for “point and click” in the physical world, Pointr & Comfy partnering to make workspaces safer to return to after COVID, and SKODA adding location-based services to their vehicles. 

Location Weekly: Google Maps Update; NextNav’s $120M Round for Geolocation Services

The Location-Based Marketing Association covers Home Depot piloting kiosks from Slyce to locate products in store, Google updating Maps with tips, transit, and AR, Air Canada enabling customers to use PayPal, NextNav raising $120M for 3D geolocation services in U.S., Korea’s Lotte going hi-tech to steal customers from e-commerce, and India’s NavIC possibly one day replacing GPS.

LBMA Podcast: Stores Commit to Beacons, Verizon Launches Rewards

Top stories of the week include: Instagram launches its Snapchat competitor; Medialets helps with attribution; Glympse embeds itself within Kik messenger; Nike gives away merchandise with FuelBox; and Andrew Mason emerges with Detour…