8 More Community Sites Climb to Michele’s List Revenue Pinnacle in 2016

Overall, 78% of the 96 sites in the closely watched survey of independent news sites reported revenue increases in 2015, with 13% saying they doubled revenue and close to a third reporting gains of 50%.

Street Fight Daily: Uber Launches Advance Scheduling, Verizon-Yahoo Plot Thickens

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology… Uber Begins Letting Passengers Schedule Rides Up to 30 Days in Advance… Verizon Might Have to Pay for More Pieces of Yahoo Than It Wants… Attention Facebook and Google: Apple is Selling Mobile App Ads Now, Too…

Native Ads Compete With News for Audiences’ Attention — And Get It

A new Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism study find news publications tipping their revenue funnel toward native advertising. What caught my eye had nothing to do with dollars. It was all about how sponsored content could connect with readers as much as “news.” And sometimes maybe more.

A ‘Network and Brand,’ 30A Aims to Add $1 MIllion Revenue in 2016

Mike Ragsdale’s 30A is successfully covering the Santa Rosa Beach communities in Florida, covering daily minutiae while capturing what’s special about the place. The site is also pulling in seven figures. Can others learn from him?

Menu for Success at Brooklyn’s Corner Media: Food, Crime, Homes and History

The eight sites of Brooklyn’s Corner Media Group stretch from northwest to southeast in New York City’s most populous borough. We recently caught up with the network’s publisher Liena Zagare to talk about about her growing hyperlocal empire and the formula behind its success.

A Deeper Look at ‘Michele’s List’ of Independent Local News Sites Reveals a Gloomier Picture

After taking a second, closer look at “Michele’s List,” I’m more worried about independent community news sites. I was surprised to see that more than half of them generate only $50,000 or less in revenue, hardly enough to run a “Ramen-noodle”-type operation.

Technical.ly Finds Big Revenues in Niche Markets Along the Mid-Atlantic

Growing quickly in five different cities along the Northeast Corridor, Technical.ly focuses its content and events on local tech startups and the personalities driving them. Its substantial revenues have put the company among the top “indie” hyperlocals.

2015 ‘Michele’s List’ Shows Strengths — And Weaknesses — of ‘Indie’ News Sites

There are encouraging and even bullish numbers in the performance of independent community news sites as reported in the 2015 “Michele’s List” survey. But other numbers indicate that “indies” are having a difficult time generating enough revenue to ensure stability.