Marin Q4 Advertising Report Shows eCommerce Ads Skyrocketing, Instagram and Search Growth Strong

Digital marketing software firm Marin Software has released its Q4 advertising report, which points to major trends in social, search, and e-commerce. Instagram is taking on an increasingly central role in Facebook’s main business, e-commerce ads are booming YOY, and search remains fundamental to digital advertising, the report shows.

Report: Advertisers Spending More on Search and Amazon, While Social CTRs Drop

Digital marketing software provider Marin Software has released its Q2 Benchmark Report, and the findings confirm the hype about advertising spend on Amazon: It’s on the rise, while social click-through rates decline and search spend remains a major priority for brands.

Report: Social Attracting Most Widespread Investment from Advertisers, Topping Search

Move aside, Google. According to the results of a new survey, released by the advertising management firm Marin Software just this morning, nine-in-10 advertising professionals are investing in social media in 2018, beating the next most popular channel—YouTube/Google Display—by more than 10 percentage points.

Shift to Mobile and Eurozone Growth Fuel Search Spend on Global Scale

Global search spend increased by 11% YOY, according to digital marketing provider Marin Software’s Q1 2018 Digital Benchmark Report.
The study found that the increase in search ad spend has been spurred by higher cost-per-click rates, driven by mobile spending.

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