Retail Heavyweights Add Visual Search Experiences for Shoppers

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When you haven’t stepped foot inside a store for months, navigating crowded aisles can be disconcerting. With products moving to new locations, and sales associates in scarce supply, major retailers are doubling down on visual search experiences to keep customers in the loop.

Three Ways Indoor Maps Do More for Complex Retail Buildings

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Once a venue’s maps have been digitized for wayfinding purposes, there are many ways to drive additional ROI from that same set of indoor maps. When location technologies are designed with interoperability in mind, it becomes possible to blend different technologies together to create smart solutions that provide value not only to business operations but also to consumers. By integrating digitized, layer-based indoor maps with other solutions such as the indoor equivalent of GPS, known as Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS), asset tracking and business intelligence, great things become possible. 

Here is a shortlist of the top use cases that malls can implement to generate further ROI from their indoor mapping investments.

These Retailers Are Using Mapping Tech to Change the Shopping Experience

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Over the past few years, a number of national retailers have added mapping technology into their mobile apps. Even more retailers have given store associates handheld devices with integrated indoor location features, putting the answers to frequently asked questions—like where products are located and how to get to certain store departments—at their fingertips.

Even though location and mapping technology is embedded into many consumer-facing shopping apps, and it’s used by retailers to fuel both their marketing initiatives and back-end operations, publicly explained use cases from retail brands are rare. Here are five examples of how retailers are applying the technology and using mapping to fundamentally change the in-store shopping experience.

7 Indoor Mapping Platforms for Retailers

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More than half of shoppers (57%) have used a retailer’s mobile app while in-store. In order for their apps to provide the greatest amount of value, retailers need to tap in to location features, including indoor mapping. When Street Fight first wrote about indoor mapping tools back in 2013, the technology was still relatively young. Now, the market has had time to mature and retailers looking at integrating indoor mapping technology into their mobile apps have an even wider array of vendors to choose from.

Here are seven companies with indoor mapping solutions for retailers.

Street Fight Daily: xAd Raises $50 Million, iWatch to Include Payments

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technologyLocation Is Everything, As Mobile Ad Startup xAd Raises $50M Led By IVP (TechCrunch)… Apple Watch to Allow Mobile Payments (Wall Street Journal)… Interpublic Invests in Mobile Measurement Company Placed (MediaPost)…

7 Strategies For Measuring the ROI of Indoor Location Campaigns

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Discounts. Shopping cart and cubes with percentNational retailers and CPG brands are willing to spend big on indoor location campaigns, but only when the platforms they’re using are providing an excellent return on their investments. As the industry continues to expand, vendors are being forced to get smarter about the ways they demonstrate ROI and sales lift. The more precisely an indoor platform can demonstrate its value on a per campaign basis, the easier it is to justify its price to skeptical corporate clients. Here are seven strategies for measuring the ROI of an indoor location campaign…

6 ‘Microfencing’ Tools for Retailers

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Dozens of popular geofencing platforms help retailers generate foot traffic — but what happens after these potential customers cross a store’s threshold is anyone’s guess. In an effort to drive traffic to specific points inside their stores — like special displays, brand kiosks, or promoted products — retailers and brand manufacturers are beginning to utilize “microfencing” solutions from indoor navigation vendors. Here are six tools that retailers and brands can use for in-store “microfencing.”

Street Fight Daily: FTC Reviews Waze Deal, Twitter Developing Hyperlocal Ads

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal content, commerce, and technologyGoogle Confirms Antitrust Review of Waze Deal(Wall Street Journal)… Twitter is Developing Geo-Targeted Ads for Retailers (AdAge)… Paton: ‘Bad CEOs and Worse Editors’ Are Trying To ‘Kill Our Future’()…