Now Lets Brands Execute Google, YouTube Ad Buys Through Single Partner’s decision to open up its solutions suite to include Google Ads and YouTube advertising is part of a broader push among adtech providers to become all-in-one platforms, rather than vertical-specific solutions.

6 Contextual Advertising Solutions for Brands

Unlike most types of behavioral targeting, contextual targeting doesn’t rely on third-party cookies. That makes it an especially popular option in 2022, as more U.S. states pass stringent consumer data privacy regulations. Here are six contextual advertising solutions that brands are using right now.

How Can Brands Capitalize on Google’s Latest Ads Update?

Almost a month has passed since Google officially killed its ‘average position’ metric. The metric was retired on September 30, and marketers using Google Ads have been encouraged to transition to using ‘prominence metrics’—made up of the search top impression rate and search absolute top impression rate—instead. Google’s announcement was designed to give brands the opportunity to update their strategies before the average position metric was axed to hopefully make the transition a seamless process.

To understand how that transition is actually working in the real world, and how brands are adapting to the change from one metric to another, we connected with Walker Sands Digital’s Ryan Sorrell. A digital marketing expert with experience deploying competitive content analysis for B2B clients, Sorrell shared his thoughts on how Google’s decision to axe the average position metric will impact brands going forward and which new opportunities are at play as Google shifts its sights toward automated bidding strategies.

3 Tips for Managing Local Services Ads

Google expanded Local Services ads to the San Diego area in November 2016 and has been rapidly expanding this platform across different verticals and markets in the USA over the last two years. If you’re considering running Local Services ads, here are three things to know before getting started.