6 Things I Learned About Local By Failing in Local

I remember the bright-eyed conversation I had with my eventual partner Ed Lucero that sparked Tackable. It was 2009, and Instagram was being born somewhere else. The iPhone was brand new, and developers were racing to build apps that captured the power of local information. There are two worlds out there, I told Ed, the physical world and the digital world. Overlay the two, and things get interesting. Imagine!

Street Fight Daily: Yahoo Exec to Foursquare, Facebook ‘Likes’ Local

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal content, commerce, and technology.Foursquare Snags a Yahoo Exec to Serve as VP of Sales (Venture Beat)… Facebook Prompts Users to Like Pages They Check-in to; Could It Foreshadow a New Location-based Ad Type? (Inside Facebook)… Nielsen On U.S. Mobile Shopping: eBay’s App Attracts The Most Users, Shopkick Keeps Them Around Longer (TechCrunch)…

Tackable Team Introduces New Hyperlocal App to Crowdsource Events

With Eventster, the developers at Tackable are hedging their bets on the belief that events discovery, not a down economy or general apathy, is the main reason why approximately 40 percent of industry tickets go unsold. To more effectively target users, the application will, over time, recommend events based on past preferences, in addition to location.