3 Enterprise Tech Trends for 2021

Next year’s period of relative peace will give leaders the opportunity to make thoughtful investments in technology that put 2020’s positive developments — like increased cloud adoption and remote work flexibility — on more solid ground. Companies will also have bandwidth to prepare for the next crisis, eschewing reactive, flash-in-the-pan solutions in favor of longer-term strategies.  

Using Social Media for Enterprise Local Marketing: Comparing Twitter and Facebook Marketers

Surveys suggest social media is pretty influential for shoppers, particularly young ones, although they gravitate to Instagram and Snapchat. Big brands are taking heed. Although packaged goods giant P&G said it was paring back its most highly-targeted Facebook ads, it recently confirmed that it was maintaining its overall Facebook spending.

#SFSNYC: Verve Sees New Revenue Streams in Location-based Mobile Ads

“People, not platforms, drive revenue,” says Verve’s Ray Green. “We [often] talk about technology and revolutionary platforms, but rarely do we talk about the actual people, which is what drives revenue for most of what we do.”

Constructing the Enterprise Priority List for Local Search

“I think some local managers in corporations are getting pushback as to why their local traffic is falling, and if it is why should they maintain local pages? What is hard to explain is that those pages DO feed Google,” Mike Blumenthal tells David Mihm. “But these locations need to be not just well structured, but easily found and crawled by Google, not hidden behind some opaque code.”

Why Enterprise Marketers Are Such an Elusive Market

A new report based on insights collected from 200 executives at some of the biggest brands and retailers, reveals a lingering preference for traditional media over digital. But it offers a glimmer of hope where it shines a light on the pain points that are keeping digital from realizing its full potential with enterprise marketers…

Street Fight Daily: Yahoo to Discuss Selling Internet Business, Google’s New Pinterest-Like Feature

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology… Yahoo Board to Weigh Sale of Internet Business (Wall Street Journal)… Google Turns Image Search into Pinterest with New ‘Collections’ Feature (TechCrunch)… Uber Teams with Enterprise to Let Drivers Rent Cars for Ride-Sharing (Denver Business Journal)…