Choice Hotels Reimagines Room Service with Partnership

A new partnership between Choice Hotels and is being seen as a sign of changing times within the hospitality industry. is now providing a “room service-like experience” for hotel guests at Choice Hotels, allowing guests to have orders from local restaurants delivered directly to their hotel locations.

How Hospitality Brands Balance Global and Local in Their Marketing

Hotel brands face a marketing conundrum: Though they may be national or global brands, the average consumer experiences them on a local basis. So how should global hospitality brands manage this split?

Mapping Apps Making an Impact on Mobile Purchase Intent

Apps like Mapquest and Waze are used with a direct intention as part of “lower funnel” purchase considerations.But map users also demonstrate high engagement with visible advertisers served to them as a complement to their core navigation needs…

Case Study: At Choice Hotels, a Check-In Consolidator is Key

For nearly a year, Choice Hotels has been running a special offer that rewards members of its Choice Privileges program with 50 extra points each time they check-in on Foursquare, Facebook, or Gowalla at more than 1,500 participating properties. By partnering with Topguest, Choice has been able to use LBS to build customer engagement without worrying about managing the infrastructure that a large-scale program requires…