5 Ways Brands Can Leverage Place-Based Mobile Targeting

The ability to target consumers based on location is no longer an emerging element of mobile technology — it is the standard on which all other strategies are based. The growing demand for this type of mobile advertising has brought on the development of new and effective location targeting strategies, the most popular being place-based mobile ad targeting. Want in? Here are five place-based mobile targeting strategies to try.

Going Beyond Standard Location Targeting to Reach Mobile Audiences

It’s important to focus on not just the reach of a geofence, but also on effectively targeting your business’s relevant mobile audiences. A little extra strategic effort goes a long way, and there is much to gain from leveraging the variety of data currently available and layering it appropriately to suit your campaign’s specific strategies and tactics…

Mapping Apps Making an Impact on Mobile Purchase Intent

Apps like Mapquest and Waze are used with a direct intention as part of “lower funnel” purchase considerations.But map users also demonstrate high engagement with visible advertisers served to them as a complement to their core navigation needs…

How SMBs Can Take Advantage of Apple’s Passbook

Apple’s most recent app innovation, Passbook, allows users to aggregate coupons, gift card information, special offers and purchased deals in one convenient location. The app’s promise to drive retail business is so strong that more than 40 major brands and retailers including Macy’s, Barnes & Noble, LivingSocial, Fandango, and Starbucks have either launched or integrated their app with Passbook. But how can local businesses use this new marketing tool?

The 3 Biggest Misconceptions About Mobile Location Targeting

Since the dawn of mobile, advertisers have salivated at the idea of targeting users based on their current location — but despite the clear promise of the medium, many have struggled to capitalize on it. A number of misconceptions threaten to confine the industry to the progress made in these early years of mobile, so in an effort to continue our momentum – it’s time a few these myths were officially debunked…

Why Leveraging Location Is the Key to Success in Mobile Advertising

Both smartphone and tablet users are searching for locally relevant content at an increasing rate, so much so that mobile user experience as a whole has been affected by the need for location-based information. Mobile networks have seen a massive increase in local search traffic this year, affecting mobile advertising in a big way. Yet the vast majority of mobile advertising doesn’t grasp what it means to be truly local.