Data is the Key to Knowing What You Don’t Know About Consumers

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As businesses turn to what’s readily available to them, first-party data strategies have emerged as a powerful tool for understanding the buyer’s journey. But the challenge is effectively collecting, managing, and driving the most value from this data in order to understand both known and unknown consumers.

Ad Tech and Privacy

6 Modern CDPs for Multi-Location Retailers

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Beyond just serving as a tool for collecting and processing data from outside sources, though, modern CDPs are being used by multi-location retailers to actually develop hyper-personalized marketing campaigns based on first-party data.

How alice + olivia Uses Customer Insights to Deepen Loyalty

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Rising customer expectations have retail brands working overtime this summer, and alice + olivia is no exception. The luxury fashion brand is launching a new program designed to provide its in-store associates with tools to deliver more consistent and relevant shopper experiences as a way to increase brand excitement and loyalty.

Amperity Adapts as Covid Raises the Bar for CDPs

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The work of customer data platforms has gotten a great deal more complicated in the Covid-19 era. Budgets have tightened, privacy standards are rising, the shift to e-commerce has accelerated, and brands are asking for more.

CDP Amperity unveiled an updated platform today to meet those challenges. Matthew Lubeck, VP and head of product at the company, spoke to Street Fight about the company’s updated platform and the challenges the CDP industry is facing now.

Personalized Marketing is a Must Right Now

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Today, marketers have the luxury of being able to see consumers through the entire advertising funnel, enabling them to target consumers based on where they are in the buying process — from introduction of a product all the way to purchase intent. Brands have the ability, either in-house or via third-party vendors, to create and target ads that scale cross-device and cross-channel, reducing repetition, eliminating ad fatigue, and enhancing consumer experience throughout the funnel.

They can, and should, A/B test different messages, offers, and calls to action in real time to determine what resonates with each consumer down to the color of the button that generates more engagement. Marketers can do all of this across programmatic display, video, social, on YouTube and over-the-top (OTT) TV.  So, why aren’t they?

Heard on the Street, Episode 31: CDPs and Israeli Innovation

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As data science continues to collide with digital marketing, customer behavior metrics are reaching new levels of actionable insight. But counteracting that advantage is the growing fragmentation of devices and platforms used in the path to purchase, making it harder to get a single view of the customer.

This is the world of customer data platforms (CDPs), and it is where Optimove hangs its hat. Founder & CEO Pini Yakuel explains to us on the latest episode of Heard on the Street how the company helps brands and multi-location retailers get the insights they need to better serve their customers.

Customer Data Platforms Compete to Define the Evolution of the Category

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Simon Data President and Co-founder Josh Neckes predicts that the CDP category will split into two groups of winners—companies more like Segment and mParticle, and companies like his own, Action IQ, and Zaius. “There’s probably room for two-to-three winners,” he says.

Street Fight Daily: Brands Reveal Most Effective Local Marketing Tactics, Google Embraces Discovery & Stories

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TODAY IN LOCAL & DIGITAL MARKETING AND MEDIA… Survey: Multi-Location Brands’ Most Effective Local Marketing Tactics… Google Search Gets an Update to the Tunes of Discovery and Stories… Customer Data Platforms Compete to Define the Evolution of the Category…

Simon Data Scores $20 Million for Big Data-Based Campaign Orchestration

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Customer data platform Simon Data is announcing this morning $20 million in Series B venture funding. Led by Polaris Partners, the round will help Simon grow as it seeks to convince marketers that it offers solutions no other CDP can.