Street Culture: CEO on Owning Mistakes and Terrible-but-Fun Team Building

“How we view mistakes is you admit it, you learn very quickly, and then turn it around,” says CEO and co-founder Kristen Stiles. After quoting a client a wrong price, Stiles owned up to the error, and the company develop a new procedure to ensure similar stakes would not be made again.

Instagram Collaboration Is Making Social Media Work for Small Businesses

“All social media is a funnel,” says Chris Warren, owner of Marjory Warren Boutique in New York City. “You’re trying to get someone to buy something.” Warren connected with other local shops via Townsquared, hyperlocal networking platform for small businesses, and joined a sort of “Instagram collective” with other store owners.

Sponsored Post: CU New Venture Challenge Completes 7th Season

The University of Colorado program’s year-long schedule includes cross-campus events to help teams refine their ability to pitch, perfect their business model, and connect with other entrepreneurial minded members of the university…