3 Advantages of Private-Label or In-House Affiliate Marketing

The affiliate space continues to become more innovative each year. As a result, clients are looking for ways to enhance their affiliate programs. This could include anything from cross-device tracking to multi-channel attribution. And one of the fastest-growing affiliate marketing trends is private or “in-house” programs that are powered by white-label network or technology solutions. […]

StructuredWeb’s Nissan: We’re Just Starting to See the Complexity Curve Going Up

Long sales cycles, smaller target audiences, higher transaction values — all these characteristics separate B2B from B2C marketing. “There’s a level of precision that you need to have in the B2B space, because otherwise you can spend a lot of money without seeing any results,” said StructuredWeb president and CEO Daniel Nissan.

LinkedIn – The Ultimate Hyperlocal B2B Play?

In which our columnist posits that LinkedIn is queued up to take market share away from Facebook, Twitter and others while making a big business out of hyperlocally-targeted business-to-business ads, even as “wags continue to deride LinkedIn as a glorified recruiting tool.”