5 Hot Retail Strategies in Play This Thanksgiving Weekend

Top retailers aren’t leaving anything up to chance. In one of the biggest pushes we’ve seen in years, retailers around the country are embracing interactive technology and social channels in a play to capture a greater share of consumer holiday spending. Read on to learn about five innovative strategies.

As Boomers Warm to Mobile, Brands Look to Capitalize

Millennials have been shopping on their smartphones for years, but a shift toward mobile-direct shopping among consumers in the boomer generation is creating excitement for retailers and brand marketers this holiday season.

Black Friday Is a Boon to Local Retailers. What About ‘Small Business Saturday’?

Womply Senior Manager of Communications Dallin Hatch says he was surprised to discover just how big Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become for small retailers. He was also surprised to see what a little impact Small Business Saturday has on seasonal sales.

Targeting Procrastinators Could Lead to Holiday Retail Wins

Not all shoppers are created equal. According to Cardlytics’ data, procrastinators could be the key to retailers’ success this holiday season. Appealing to these procrastinating consumers means extending store hours as well as offering inventory assurance tools and gift guides.

Highest Click-Through Rates of the Year? Early November, ZypMedia Says

ZypMedia found that November is the most effective month for consumers to engage with brands and their holiday campaigns, with a click-through-rate that’s 125% higher than the average over the past year.

What’s New For Marketers This Holiday Season?

A new report indicates that email marketers with holiday-focused campaigns might inadvertently be lowering their open rates and hurting their chances at financial success during one of the most critical times of the year.