With New Attribution Feature, Placed Can Tell Whether Your Billboard Is Hot or Not

Seattle-based Placed announced this morning that with Placed Attribution, which was unveiled back in July, the company can bridge the gap between OOH ads (billboards) and physical store visitations.

Telmetrics Names New CEO, Looks to Prove the Value of Phone Calls — And the Digital Ads That Drive Them

The call tracking and call analytics company announced this morning that it has named Andrew Osmak its new CEO, replacing David Howard (who assumes the role of chairman of the company’s board). Osmak had been managing partner of Toronto-based Leverage Capital.

Mobiquity Brings Beacons to the Movies — And Consumer Data to Hollywood

Mobiquity will be installing beacons in 300 of the theater complexes with which Screenvision is partnered. The beacons are intended to help further engage consumers with the brands that are serving up pre-roll ads on the silver screen.

PlaceIQ Looking to Build a Role for Location Tech Into TV, OOH, and Even Direct Mail

Brands don’t want only to measure the persuasive powers of their mobile ads. They also want to know the efficacy of their TV, OOH, online, and even direct mail efforts, which is where PlaceIQ, with its freshly acquired $25 million, wants to deliver bigger results.

Realtors Can Recommend Their Favorite Local Businesses Using HomeKeepr

The days of homeowners looking up a local painter or handyman in the Yellow Pages are gone. Instead, consumers are turning to review sites like Angie’s List to find the right person for the job. HomeKeepr takes a different approach. “Rather than crowdsourcing lots of reviews from strangers, we source recommendations from ‘local experts:’ real estate agents,” said co-founder and CEO Rob Morelli.

Will Social Media Give TV a Run for Its Money in the 2016 Election?

“Politicians already know that an election can hinge on specific regions and using social media to listen and engage in those areas can have a significant impact on the voting outcome,” says Phil Harris, CEO of Geofeedia.

Facebook’s Ad Platform for SMBs Has Come a Long Way, But Still Has Room to Grow

More and more local businesses are turning to Facebook to launch hyperlocal ad campaigns. And for good reason — the company has greatly enhanced its SMB ad offerings in the past year. As a relatively young ad medium, though, Facebook hasn’t really mastered the game yet.

Placed Builds Out Attribution Platform, Connecting Store Visits to Dollars Spent

Location-based analytics provider Placed is looking to prove that mobile ads have the power to drive sales. The company today unveiled a new tool that collects data on whether consumers bought anything at a store for which they saw a mobile ad, and how much they spent.

Courting SMBs, Facebook Integrates Its Ad Platform With Wix Email Marketing

Facebook and Wix announced a new integration this morning that will allow businesses using Wix’s email marketing app to creating a Facebook ad within the platform, automatically taking the email’s content and images and translating them into Facebook’s format.

Panel: Different Kinds of SMBs Require Different Kinds of Marketing

At a panel discussion hosted by CoInvent last week in New York, SMB experts talked about a range of topics, including social media marketing, SEO strategy, and the importance of paying attention to online reviews.

Beacons Reaching Millennial Moms — But Are They Motivating Them to Buy?

A new report from beacon proximity platform inMarket indicates that millennial moms in the U.S are getting the beacon message — literally — with more than 38 percent (or 3.4 million out of 9 million) actively using beacon-enabled apps every month.

Square Launches Payroll, Expanding Suite of Services for Small Businesses

As part of its push to become a comprehensive platform for small businesses, Square has launched a new payroll management service. The product is targeted particularly at SMBs that pay employees on an hourly basis, but it can also be used for those that have salaried staff.