Street Fight Daily: Mobile Payments Lack Winner, Groupon’s Temp Leadership

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mobilepaymentMobile Payments Still Lack Clear Winner (MediaPost)
A new report concludes that the mobile payments business is small but rapidly growing, with payment solutions linked to major card-based networks like Visa and MasterCard showing the most promise so far. By contrast, m-payments powered by near-field communication (NFC) technology are not expected to gain much traction this year.

Conference Notebook: Location Data Takes Center Stage (Street Fight)
Steven Jacobs: Scaling access to a small business’s customer data, and using that data to drive marketing, is quickly becoming a differentiating asset in the industry, according to speakers at BIA/Kelsey’s Leading in Local event in Boston. Data should play a key role in not only defining the audience to whom a message is delivered, but in shaping the content of that message as well.

The Reward for Fixing Groupon? Not Much (Wall Street Journal)
Groupon is a mess, the daily deals industry is a mess, and it won’t be easy finding a great CEO who sees the company as an opportunity, not a career liability. So are Messrs. Lefkofsky and Leonsis being well compensated for their new responsibilities? Not exactly. According to a Groupon SEC filing today, the two are getting nothing more than what they would have been paid anyhow as board members.

Headhunter: Local Companies Reluctant to Add New Jobs (Street Fight)
Robert Hawthorne: The number of advertisers using “geo-aware” technology in their mobile ad campaigns jumped from 17% in 2011 to 36% in 2012, according to a report by Verve Mobile, and yet there is still confusion in the marketplace over what makes a geofencing campaign useful, and when location targeting is necessary to achieve a high ROI. Here are five strategies for creating a smarter, more strategic geofencing campaign.

Square’s Launch in Canada v. U.S.: Higher Adoption Rate and Larger Transaction Size (TheNextWeb)
Square has shared some very interesting data points with TNW today, comparing its US launch in October 2010 to its Canadian launch in October 2012. In short, Canada is loving the electronic payment service: it has seen a 25 percent higher adoption rate per capita versus the US, a 90 percent higher gross payment volume (GPV) per capita than in the US, and a 71 percent higher average transaction size than in the US.

Can Mobile Monetize? Here are 3 Key Ad Areas to Watch (VentureBeat)
David Yuan: There are too many reasons to doubt that mobile monetization will work in the long run — disparity in media consumption and ad dollars, innovation in handsets and applications driving changing customer behavior, publishers facing the mobile cliff. As a later stage growth equity investor, I’m waiting for mobile budgets to mature from experimental spend to a core channel in the overall marketing mix.

Crowdsourced Location Data Firm Grafetee Opens Up to Businesses and Enterprise Users (GigaOm)
Grafetee, which makes it extremely easy to collect and display location-based data, is now offering more customizable, API-driven services to paying users, from bloggers to local authorities.

To Capture More Location Data, Placed Wants to Pay Developers (Screenwerk)
Location analytics company Placed this morning announced a new program called Placed Affiliate, which offers a way for mobile developers and app publishers to generate additional revenue from users who opt-in to have their locations tracked. Placed will pay developers for the users that opt-in to the system. Placed in turn gets paid by marketers (e.g., Wal-Mart, BestBuy) using the platform for research.

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