Turnover Hits Examiner.com Brass

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Lots of movement of the executive kind at Examiner.com this summer. Some of what we’ve noticed in just the past weeks:

Rick Blair, the company’s CEO, is gone after essentially coming out of retirement to help get the company rolling along a path toward gigantic traffic numbers. You can find him near the beach in North Carolina growing his interest in social investing more than content farms. He told me he’s also looking at helping out startup Closely (from the creator or MapQuest), among other endeavors. He’s also helping university students at his alma mater learn about life in a real startup, and will be participating in the first Street Fight Summit in New York in October.

Jim Davidson, president, came to Examiner relatively recently and leaves after “he got everything done he needed to do” according to Blair. Davidson said he was looking at a summer with family and travel. But my guess is being idle will sit with the code guru as well as Glenn Beck in a Berkeley.

Doug Meeker, who was running sales plus, has left recently and likely to take the summer off before resetting his sights on new challenges in the DC area.

Mitch Gellman (VP of Special Projects) has moved along and is headed to Gannett.

So who’s minding the shop? According to Blair, it’s interim CEO Paul Yanover formerly of Disney.

Will there be changes in direction at the Clarity Media blogger/news network? Blair’s not talking.