The Merging of Location and Daily Deals = Possible Success

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Who: Beyond and Social-Loco

Why: For digging into the data behind check-ins.

There is an opportunity for big brands to engage consumers in location-based apps by tapping into and combing multiple motivations (discounts, learning, promoting, meeting friends). To reach beyond the early adopters, brands should focus their strategies around Facebook and Groupon as the two platforms that will most likely drive adoption. David Hargreaves, CEO, Beyond

Check-in services are getting an increasingly bad rap, but digital agency Beyond and the Social-Loco conference have dug into the numbers behind the assertions. What’d they find? People are, in fact, checking in – albeit slowly. Just 17% of the population “checks in,” and of those who don’t, 48% have privacy concerns. But, a blending of two hyperlocal trends are emerging: “40% of those who have never checked in would consider sharing their location with Groupon,” noted Mashable, which reported on the findings.

Do you think the data means anything for location-based services and daily deals? Post your view in the comments.

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