WhosHere? Two Billion Free Text Messages, That’s Who

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I’ve been wondering what happened to WhosHere, and all at once a friend pinged me about them and I’m sent a news bulletin trumpeting how myRete (developer of WhosHere) has delivered its 2 billionth free message on behalf us its 2.5 million members. Nice.

So what is it? As the company states:

WhosHere is the first mobile social networking app for the iPhone to let users meet new people and interact based on proximity. The application introduces a user to others with whom they have something in common. When a user finds someone interesting, they can send free text and image messages and make free VOIP calls. All this is done without disclosing any personal information unless the user chooses to provide it.

The most common uses of WhosHere include dating, making new friends, chatting with like minded people, looking for jobs, selling stuff, looking for clients, promoting bands, practicing foreign language skills with native speakers and virtual tourism.

But it’s really just about hooking up. NO no, just kidding. Best to see for yourself…

Start with their questionable intro vid:

This post originally appeared on Locl.ly.