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Meet Cups: Endless Coffee for $45 a Month

1 Comment 16 July 2014 by

The third biggest coffee chain in New York isn’t a chain at all. It’s Cups, an Israeli app that wants to turn the city’s independent coffee shops into Netflix-style subscription service. The app offers subscribers unlimited coffee, tea, or espresso at a growing number of small coffee shops across Manhattan and Brooklyn...

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LivingSocial Taps eBay Ad Exec to Replace O’Shaughnessy as CEO

No Comments 15 July 2014 by

The daily deals site has hired Gautam Thaker to replace co-founder Tim O'Shaughnessy, who announced he would step down earlier this year. Thaker had been general manager of eBay’s advertising business...

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Off the Block

Order Ahead, Confusion at Counter: Square’s New App, and the Problem of Leading From Behind

2 Comments 15 July 2014 by

A clumsy experience with Square's new app points to a deeper challenge facing the tech industry as it takes aim at the way we buy and sell goods in the real-world: technology companies, in all their glory, can only lead from behind. As companies like Square look to not only automate existing behaviors, but introduce new ones, the gatekeepers to the future of retail are on the main streets and in the malls across America.

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Off the Block

Designing a New Value Proposition for Consumer Location Data

No Comments 11 July 2014 by

In a paper published earlier this month, a group of researchers tried to put a price tag on the personally identifiable information that flows from our mobile devices. The results shine a light on the unique challenges facing companies interested in mining location data, and the divergent paths of two tech companies that have built businesses around that information...

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Commerce, Interviews

Why Retail Will Face the Same Fate as the Media Industry

No Comments 10 July 2014 by

Jeremy Rifkin, the prolific author who has served as an advisor to a number of world leaders, believes that the astronomical investments in Uber and Airbnb signal the breaking of a long-held “firewall” that kept the transformative effects of the Internet contained to the virtual world. Here Rifkin discusses why a small reduction in margins could kill traditional retail...

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As Home Services Market Heats Up, Handybook COO Sees Big Opportunity

No Comments 07 July 2014 by

Last month, Revolution, the venture firm helmed by Case as well as Groupon chairman Ted Leonisis, led a $30 million investment in Handybook, a company that helps people book housecleaners and other home service providers. Street Fight caught up with Umang Dua, co-founder of HandyBook, to talk about the company’s evolving competitive set and the growing speculation around Uber’s valuation...

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POS Startup Shows Cashiers Pictures of Customers Who Check-in

1 Comment 02 July 2014 by

Revel Systems, a San Francisco-based company that makes point-of-sale software, will now notify businesses when someone has checked-in to their venue on Yelp or Foursquare. The feature offers a way to help businesses take a more proactive approach to engaging a vocal minority of users who actively share their opinions...

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Off the Block

In OpenTable Deal, Signs of Deeper Convergence in Travel and Local

2 Comments 01 July 2014 by

Two recent acquisitions by Priceline and TripAdvisor offer an early look into a logic that could drive a more comprehensive consolidation of the travel and local technology sectors. Many of the structures built to help visitors navigate new cities — and implicitly for marketers to reach tourists — might quickly become obsolete...

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Street Fight’s 10 Most Popular Stories From the First Half of 2014

No Comments 01 July 2014 by

In the local space, it was out with the old and in with the new during the first six months of 2014. With the first half of the year in the bag, here’s a look back at the top Street Fight stories (at least in terms of traffic) so far this year...

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At Indochino, A Retail Model Built to Order

No Comments 24 June 2014 by

When the founders of Indochino, a startup that sells custom suits online, began to drum up strategies to enter brick-and-mortar retail, they found some surprising fat in the model: the store itself. What they came up with in response is an ephemeral alternative to offline selling that draws on some of the flexibility of ecommerce while retaining the experience of a physical presence...

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