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Street Fight Daily: Local’s SEO Bible, Google Eyes Delivery

No Comments 14 October 2014 by

A roundup of today's big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology...... Local SEO Bible: The 2014 Local Search Ranking Factors (LocalSearchInsider)... Google Adopts Delivery-Service Model, Targets Amazon (Nasdaq)... Retailers Pin Hopes on Holidays After Sluggish Summer Sales (AdAge)...

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Why comScore Wants to Measure the Real World

No Comments 10 October 2014 by

Earlier this week, Comscore announced a new partnership with Datalogix, the payment data startup that has already inked deals with Facebook and Twitter. Street Fight caught up with Comscore's Andrew Lipsman to discuss the developments that opened the door for offline attribution and whether ApplePay will make a difference for the company...

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Street Fight Daily: Amazon Opens A Store, Google Rolls Back Pigeon?

No Comments 10 October 2014 by

A roundup of today's big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology... Amazon to Open First Physical Store in Manhattan (CNBC)... Pigeon Rolled Back? Law Firm Study Says Yes (SearchEngineLand)... Supply-Side Challenges Of The On-Demand Economy (TechCrunch)...

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Off the Block

Beacons Do Pose a Privacy Threat — But It’s Not the One You’re Worried About

No Comments 07 October 2014 by

Earlier this week, Buzzfeed published a scathing report detailing an initiative by outdoor advertising giant Titan to install bluetooth beacons in hundreds of phone booths across New York City. But the report does more to underscore the shortcomings of the local technology industry in explaining the new technology than to expose a new, meaningful threat to the consumer privacy...

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Why a Former Current TV Exec Believes in the Economics of Local Video

1 Comment 06 October 2014 by

Street Fight recently caught up with Mark Goldman, the former COO of Current TV and current chief of online video platform ExtendTV, to talk about missed opportunities with Current, why he believes digital will not kill television (completely), and where he sees the local video market heading in the next few years...

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Off the Block

At GoDaddy, CEO Blake Irving Searches for a New Domain

No Comments 30 September 2014 by

Irving has an ambitious plan to turn GoDaddy into a much larger, and more profitable, company. The strategy begins with the company’s 12 million domain customers and ends with a constellation of concentric services intended to serve an increasingly entrepreneurial, and distributed, global economy...

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Why Marketers Need to Consider Context — Not Just Audience

1 Comment 26 September 2014 by

In a Street Fight webinar Tuesday sponsored by Skyhook Wireless, Aaron Strout of marketing agency W20 Group and Skyhook’s Mike Schneider discussed the growing role of contextual targeting, and outlined a few steps that brands can use to create meaningful mobile experiences. ...

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Off the Block


In Navigating Supply and Demand, Groupon Hopes for New Life

1 Comment 24 September 2014 by

During a presentation at BIA/Kelsey’s Leading in Local event in New Orleans Tuesday, Dan Roarty, vice president of local commerce at Groupon, positioned the company's deal marketplace as one part of a much more ambitious effort to create a platform that connects local supply and local demand well-beyond the confines of an email blast...

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Five Lessons Google Learned About Selling to Small Businesses

1 Comment 23 September 2014 by

For Google, the shift to mobile presents an opportunity to learn from mistakes made during the desktop internet boom. James Croom, head of marketing for the project, has spent five years in the company’s small business team. He said Monday that the company's new Google My Business project builds on some learnings from the company’s Get Your Business Online effort launched in 2009 to drive business across the world to build websites...

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Off the Block

Ecommerce Companies Finding Success in Brick-and-Mortar

No Comments 22 September 2014 by

The move into physical retail has become a fashionable choice within New York’s growing ecommerce industry. Now, these firms are finding that industry watchers may have overstated the economic advantages of an online-only sales model particularly as new technologies allow retailers to reduce the footprint needed to generate sufficient revenue.

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