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YP Hooks Up With Goodzer to Add Services Data to Search

No Comments 03 September 2014 by

YP has announced a new partnership with Goodzer that will populate the company’s local search product with information about service provider offerings from the startup. It’s the latest in a series of moves by the yellow pages carve-out to rejuvenate its local search product and draw users away from Yelp and Google, as pressure continues to mount on the listings model...

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As IPOs Near, Tech Takes Another Crack at Small Business

No Comments 03 September 2014 by

A handful of upcoming IPOs will add fuel to an already-competitive small business marketing and technology industry. But the fundamental question is how these companies slow an already rapid rate of commoditization, and "build a moat" around their businesses to hold back the next wave of startups looking to grab market share in their wake...

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Why the Mobile Industry Needs to Address Its Data Problem

1 Comment 27 August 2014 by

Earlier this week, the Washington Post published a report detailing the widespread use of surveillance software by governments to track the movements of cellphone users both within and outside their borders. The news highlights yet another example of a dangerous schism developing in a data-driven advertising-technology industry between the reason consumers share data and the way it is eventually used...

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Why Factual’s Gil Elbaz Sees Renewed Promise in Contextual Computing

No Comments 26 August 2014 by

An early pioneer in data analytics who was instrumental in developing one of Google’s most profitable advertising products, Factual CEO Gil Elbaz believes that one of the technological challenges at the heart of that company's ascent will come back into the spotlight...

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These Local Tech Founders Cashed In — Here’s Where They Are Now

No Comments 21 August 2014 by

Golden handcuffs hurt less than real ones, but most entrepreneurs flee an acquirer as soon as the oft-required two year stint runs out. Street Fight took a look at some of the local tech entrepreneurs who sold out in recent years to see where they are now...

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Dstillery CEO: ‘Dirty Data’ in Mobile Ads as Serious as Click Fraud

2 Comments 18 August 2014 by

Reports suggest that more than half of the the available mobile inventory that includes location data is incorrect. Tom Phillips, chief executive at Dstillery and an early whistleblower of online advertising fraud, says false location data in the mobile advertising industry poses as great of a threat to marketers as fraudulent traffic on the web...

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As Franchises Bounce Back, A Golden Market for Local Tech Surfaces

No Comments 15 August 2014 by

A booming franchise sector presents a unique opportunity for hyperlocal firms to blend the scale and reach implicit in the digital marketplace with the granularity and flexibility afforded by mobile, social and other locally-driven platforms. What’s more, the franchise industry — with its unique combination of scale and fragmentation — could help provide a critical stepping stone for vendors to reach the small business market...

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ReachLocal CEO: Company Got ‘Distracted By Shiny Things’

8 Comments 12 August 2014 by

After a turbulent twelve months, which saw two founders depart and its stock price plummet, ReachLocal appears to be working on a comeback. Sharon Rowlands, the turn-around expert who took the helm as chief executive four months ago, remains as critical as anyone, but she believes that the company is on track to get things moving in the right direction in 2015...

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How Innovation in Payments Can Drive Local Marketing

1 Comment 08 August 2014 by

The changes in payments that Seth Priebatsch foresaw three years ago are certainly underway, but it remains more of a revolution than an evolution. Street Fight caught up with the LevelUp CEO recently to talk about why he thinks transaction data is the foundation of the next big wave of innovation in the marketing industry...

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As Losses Widen, Groupon Struggles to Redefine Itself

No Comments 05 August 2014 by

Groupon said Tuesday that losses widened in the second quarter as marketing and sales costs jumped but gross profit remained flat. The culprit, a far less profitable ecommerce business than anticipated, accounted for every dollar of the company’s top-line growth as it struggles to find new footing for its sluggish local deals business...

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