Street Fight Poll: Consumers May Pay Extra for Same-Day Delivery


In a recent Street Fight poll, 64% of consumers said they might be willing to pay a few dollars extra to receive retail goods faster, though for many it depends on the order. In a poll of 500 anonymous U.S. consumers, 14.8% said they’re very likely to pay extra for same-day retail delivery, and 14.8% said they’re somewhat likely…

Street Fight Poll: Consumers See Coupons as Top Digital Promotion


Memo to merchants: If you want to attract new customers, digital coupons are your best bet, according to the latest Street Fight poll. The survey asked 500 U.S. consumers which digital promotional tool last encouraged them to shop or dine at a new local business. 47% of respondents said coupons…

Street Fight Poll: Peers and Company Websites Are Go-tos for Local Biz Info


In a poll conducted in early November by Street Fight, 500 U.S. consumers were asked who or what sources they are most likely to consult before visiting a local business. The survey found that 37% say they ask a friend or colleague about their opinion of the business; 36% visit that merchant’s website; 16% examine the merchant’s reputation on review sites; and just 11% conduct local searches for information about that business and/or nearby competitors…

Report: Local Digital Revenue to Reach $38.1B by 2016


In its updated U.S. Local Media Forecast, BIA/Kelsey says interactive and digital ad revenues are growing by 12.4% per year. Within the local media sphere, search encompasses a slim majority, 51%, of online ad revenues, with the local search market, projected to reach $10.2 billion by 2016, outpacing the rate of growth of overall search. The report projects 16.2% annual growth in the local display market, reaching $5.1 billion by 2016.

Mobile Payments For Deals? Slim Majority Says No in Street Fight Poll


A new Street Fight poll has found that about 43% of consumers are willing to use a mobile wallet service in exchange for receiving deals from retailers. The survey of 500 U.S. consumers finds that a shade more than 17% are very willing to pay via mobile for deals, and another 26% are somewhat willing. But 11% are unlikely to pay with a smartphone, 24% say they’re uninterested, and another 22% don’t know what a mobile wallet is…

xAd Expands Mobile Ad Targeting, Launches New Location, Fencing Tech


Mobile ad network xAd has released new proprietary technologies to expand location analytics and geo-fencing, helping its local and national advertisers further narrow their campaigns based on intensive geographic and behavioral data. The new products, SmartLocation and SmartFencing, are a direct reaction to what xAd sees as a lack of precise, real-time location data in the mobile advertising space…

Pirq Closes $1.2 Million Funding Round, Launches New Version of App


Instant-deals and loyalty provider Pirq released version 2.0 of its mobile real-time deals app this morning, offering consumers digital punch cards to accumulate rewards in four new verticals. The Washington-based company also announced it’s closed a $1.2 million round in venture financing…

Report Identifies ‘Avid Local Search Users,’ 50% of All Searches


Twenty-four percent of consumers who conduct “local” searches are highly tech-savvy early adopters who own multiple mobile devices, use mobile shopping apps, purchase daily deals and post reviews of businesses more than the average population, according to a new white paper. The report also notes that this group accounts for 50% of all local searches.