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Do Hipsters Do Hyperlocal?: Bedford + Bowery Editor on Communities and Culture

No Comments 26 June 2013 by

NYU's hyperlocal East Village blog is growing up and adding a few new 'hoods. The Local, which had covered New York's East Village and the Lower East Side, has become Bedford + Bowery, a site that now also covers the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Williamsburg, Greenpoint, and Bushwick. So what makes these neighborhoods — hipster havens of the highest order — a fertile proving ground for hyperlocal? We spoke with Daniel Maurer, the NYU professor who oversees the venture to talk a bit about how the project has evolved...

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FiveStars Partners With Rogers in Canada, Launches ‘Vicinity’

No Comments 29 May 2013 by

FiveStars and Canadian media giant Rogers Communications have launched a new local customer loyalty service called Vicinity, which represents the California-based company's first foray into international markets....

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Square’s Kimble: There’s ‘More Opportunity Than Obstacle’ in Payments Space

No Comments 29 May 2013 by

San Francisco-based mobile payments company Square continues to grow at a rapid clip. Chuck Kimble, who heads up the company's strategic partnerships, will be appearing on a panel next week in San Francisco at Street Fight Summit West, so we took the opportunity to catch up with him recently over email and find out more about how the company is planning to expand beyond its initial mandate mobile payments...

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Waze Builds Out Traffic Maps to Add Context in Location

No Comments 21 May 2013 by

Andy Ellwood, the company's senior director of business development, will be appearing on a panel at Street Fight Summit West in a couple of weeks in San Francisco to talk about how the future of mapping tech plays into hyperlocal marketing. Street Fight caught up with him recently to talk about how Waze makes money, the vitality of context, and fighting off Google...

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Publisher Dave Harte Weighs in on the Quest for Hyperlocal Success in the U.K.

No Comments 23 April 2013 by

"I think we're in a place where the larger media organizations are in the second cycle of trying to rethink hyperlocal, and in the meantime there have been some smaller innovators, often ex-journalists themselves, who are starting to develop out of it," says the Bourneville Village publisher. "The key still remains having people in place to sell ads."

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Jim Moran

Yipit Co-Founder: Hyperlocal Is Coming to Be Defined By ‘Marketplaces’

2 Comments 18 April 2013 by

"I think what would surprise most people is that the 'daily deal' industry is actually stable and increasing," Jim Moran told Street Fight. "By this point the vast majority of revenue is driven by repeat customers, both on the consumer and the merchant size. One time users have moved on over a year ago, and the market will now grow as offer quality and user experience continues to improve. ... The only thing surprising to me about the daily deal industry is that we still haven't been able to agree on a better name for it."

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Booker Closes $27.5 Million Round, Seeks to Be the ‘Amazon of Services’

1 Comment 16 April 2013 by

The service management and marketing platform for SMBs has gotten a big financial boost. Booker announced today that it has raised $27.5 million in a Series B round led by Bain Capital, which it will use to continue building out its small business scheduling and marketing offerings.

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Wanderful Media Revamps Find&Save With Personalization in Mind

No Comments 12 April 2013 by

"We're building toward a completely personalized experience, like Netflix," said Dave Thomsen, the company's EVP of product design. "When you're logged in, you get a unique circular that's customized for you based on what we know about you." So the product will understand what you have looked for in the past and show deals you might be interested in now...

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Layar Shifts Focus From AR to Print, But Has Hopes for Geo-Located Future

1 Comment 08 April 2013 by

When Layar launched in 2010, a lot of excitement about the Dutch company stemmed from its augmented reality browser. But while the concept was very cool to local-focused techies, it didn't quite catch on with regular users the way that it needed to...

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A Year After Its SXSW Moment, Highlight Keeps Working to Connect People Nearby

No Comments 28 March 2013 by

Paul Davison's location-based startup Highlight has had a strange trajectory. It was the darling of South by Southwest in 2012, then soon lost its sheen for a variety of reasons, prompting a series of "What Happened to Highlight?" posts around the time of this year's Austin event. Street Fight recently caught up with Davison to talk about retrenching, the definition of fun, and his very real belief that using Highlight can change the world around us.

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