How Brands Can Refine Their Local Marketing Mix to Maximize Results

The right marketing mix can open up doors for an enterprise brand, as successful acquisition campaigns naturally funnel new customers into loyalty and retention strategies. We asked hyperlocal executives for their perspective on how brands can tweak the marketing mix to maximize high-yield results.

How to Keep Customers Loyal in 2017

Trends and fads are common in the quickly-evolving local marketing industry, but it appears that loyalty programs are here to stay. So what’s the secret to keeping customers loyal in 2017? To find out, we went directly to the experts and asked what trends they’re seeing within the local merchant community.

6 Ways Local Merchants Can Use Rewards to Bring in Holiday Shoppers

Consumers are expected to spend $630.5 billion this holiday shopping season. Local merchants are fighting tooth and nail to take back a larger share of that revenue from their ecommerce competitors. Here’s what industry leaders said about the types of incentives that work best for encouraging shoppers to make holiday purchases at local retail businesses instead of big-box stores or ecommerce sites.

8 Ways Hyperlocals Can Nurture Existing Customer Relationships

The question that many hyperlocal vendors struggle with is how to keep their current customers satisfied without slashing prices or devoting too many resources to a single client. Here are eight strategies from hyperlocal experts, with specific advice on how to grow and nurture existing customer relationships.

8 Strategies for Promoting Small Business Loyalty Programs

While big businesses have long managed customer loyalty programs with ease, the same can’t always be said for their small business counterparts. To find out how small business owners should launch their loyalty programs and encourage continued engagement, we spoke to eight experts in the field and asked what merchants need to do to get their programs off the ground…