Foursquare’s Rosenblatt: ‘Location Is the Atomic Unit of Mobile’

Foursquare has gone from check-in darling to an under-recognized data powerhouse. But in that transition, it’s more successful than ever. And its primary emphasis has remained the entire time: real-world consumer behavior. Meanwhile, the ad industry’s hunger for location data grows.

5 Ways to Rethink Marketing Measurement

New advances in advertising technology finally allow marketers to better understand how online ads impact offline behavior. Here are five ways that every marketer needs to rethink marketing measurement in order to better reach their consumer base.

Foursquare President: ‘Huge’ Industry Developing Around Location Intelligence

As the company maps consumers’ digital actions to where they are and what they do in the real-world, it is looking to become the “Nielsen of the real-world.” Street Fight recently spoke with Foursquare president Steven Rosenblatt about the explosion of location data, and why there is a big opportunity in connecting the dots between ads and store visits.

Street Fight Daily: Google’s New Call Unit, Main Street Hub Raises $20M

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Conference Notebook: Yelp ‘Focused,’ Foursquare Denies Slower Growth

It doesn’t look like Yelp has plans to push across the local marketing stack anytime soon. Responding to a question of whether Yelp planned to position itself as a local operating system for local business like Groupon, CEO Jeremy Stoppelman said it was “hard to say what tangential businesses [Yelp would] get into” but “its safe to say we’re focused.”