Reflections on 2020 in Local: Innovation by Necessity

From a big-picture perspective, innovative tech providers are recognizing that SMBs don’t need all the bells and whistles that may come with an enterprise solution. They need tech that solves critical everyday problems that are common across the local landscape. 

Accelerated Digital Transformation Levels Playing Field for Local Businesses

As local businesses and SMBs adjust to their new realities, digital transformation initiatives have surged — namely in the form of pivoting to e-commerce selling and delivery models. Why? It’s no secret that online sales have taken the lead across the business landscape during Covid-19, and that is likely to continue. 

Cloud Summit: Cisco Ramps Up Its SaaS Solutions for SMBs

Giant enterprise tech firms like Cisco are well-equipped to provide SaaS services. But in selling to SMBs they have had to re-think the marketing approaches that have worked with larger customers.

ReachLocal CEO: Commerce Solutions Becoming Alternatives to Local Search

Whereas most companies have built either a consumer-brand or a back-end for merchants, the company has spun out a SaaS tool, ReachCommerce, from its branded ClubLocal platform. Street Fight recently caught up with Zorik Gordon, ReachLocal’s chief executive, to talk about the origins of the new project, the challenges with bring local services online, and the impact a shift from advertising to commerce might have on local search companies like Yelp…