Case Study: Franchisee Sees Better Customer Retention With iPad POS

Social media plays an integral role in most local merchants’ marketing strategies, but Oilerie’s Lori Hackman says business owners have to do more than just post occasionally on Facebook or Twitter to get people engaged and motivated to come into their stores.

Case Study: Georgia Candy Shop Manages Off-Site Sales with Mobile Tools

Having a product as small and portable as chocolate candy gives M Chocolat’s owners the freedom to sell outside their brick-and-mortar store. The sisters often use food festivals, local races, wine shops, and gourmet specialty stores to find new customers.

8 Things SMBs Should Consider Before Adopting Mobile Payments

With 22.6 million people in the U.S. expected to make at least one mobile payment in 2015, merchants of all sizes are feeling the push to start accepting mobile payments. But whether every local business should jump on board is still a matter of debate within the hyperlocal community.

5 Cloud POS Alternatives to Windows XP for SMBs

Cloud-based POS systems are growing in popularity among all businesses, and particularly those in the SMB category. We’ve put together a list of five cloud POS solutions for SMBs that can no longer rely on Windows XP, complete with information about what makes each option unique…

Case Study: Toy Store Upgrades Customer Experience With mPOS System

Managing the operations, staffing, and financials at his growing after-market Lego business has left John Masek with little time to spend dealing with the technological infrastructure necessary to run a traditional hardware point-of-sale system. Mobile POS systems with integrated rewards programs can give mom-and-pop businesses an edge against large retail chains…

Case Study: Tennessee Cafe Fends Off Daily Pitches From Hyperlocal Marketers

“You can buy ads and you can post things on Facebook all day long, but unless somebody actually understands your passion and understands what you’re trying to do for the community, they’re not going to tell their friends,” says Reveille Joe Coffee’s Matthew O’Dell.

7 Cloud-Based POS Systems for SMBs

Cloud-based POS platforms differentiate themselves from one another with advanced integrations with digital loyalty programs, accounting tools, and mechanisms for creating gift cards and coupons, in addition to varying price structures. Here are seven POS systems, each with its own features for merchants…