Native Ad Industry Booms, Capitalizing on Hunger for Ads That Don’t Look Like Advertising

Native ad firm AdYouLike is staking its reputation on the assumption that the ads you like may not look like ads. That bet appears to be paying off, as a report from the firm shows the native ad industry set to grow to $400 billion by 2025, a 372% jump from the projected size of the market in 2020.

Case Study: How an Unusual, Soft-Sell Sponsored Post Turned Readers Into Customers

“I tried to think about everything I hated about sponsored posts and do the opposite,” says Aaron Seyedian, the founder of Well Paid Maids. “As a reader, I find that sponsored posts on blogs are often lengthy, impersonal and overly centered on sales. I set out to write a post that would be succinct and personal.”

Native Ads Compete With News for Audiences’ Attention — And Get It

A new Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism study find news publications tipping their revenue funnel toward native advertising. What caught my eye had nothing to do with dollars. It was all about how sponsored content could connect with readers as much as “news.” And sometimes maybe more.

#SFSNYC: Monetizing Location – Native or Display?

During a panel at the Street Fight Summit in New York, executives from Pandora, Foursquare and Verve Wireless explored monetizing location on mobile, hitting on key issues like native advertising, the display ecosystem, and reaching brands.