Want to Know the Single-Most Important Factor Driving Attention in Advertising? This Is It

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The single-most important factor in driving attention in advertising probably isn’t what you’d expect. Could it be creative quality ? According to a new study by Emodo, a subsidiary of Ericsson that runs a programmatic exchange, traditional KPIs like viewability and clicks aren’t as useful in identifying whether an ad is making an impact on […]

In-House Marketing vs. Outsourced Marketing: Pros & Cons for Multi-Location Businesses

In-House vs. Outsourced Marketing: Pros & Cons for Multi-Location Businesses

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When it comes to marketing for multi-location businesses, a constant debate is whether or not to outsource your marketing or run it in-house. Since both come with a cost, deciding which marketing route is best can’t be determined by a simple coin toss or guessing game. You want to know for sure that you’re maximizing […]

Four Local Marketing Strategies to Boost Same-Store Sales

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Company success often rises and falls on the ability to deliver same-store sales increases, so multi-unit brands spend a lot of energy managing around this core metric. But it’s difficult to drive local success at scale with a one-size-fits-all approach. Here’s a list of four creative strategies (and associated tactics) that local stores can implement to boost their overall performance.