Selling to Multi-Location Brands: Streaming Video Is On the Rise

Suppliers of local marketing technology and services should move streaming video up on their priorities lists and help their brand customers apply it effectively.

Through This Ourglass, Watching TV in Public Is More Fun

“Making TV smarter” has been the mantra for many a failed startup over the years. I won’t tell the sad tale of AOL TV, which I helped build content for. That said, Ourglass is approaching things a little differently: targeting TV out-of-home and looking to make public experiences with the tube more fun and useful.

Your Local Broadcast: Centric Finds the Cameras in Your Neighborhood

The new service is a video discovery app and broadcasting platform that enable users to browse, view and interact with video that’s being shared around them. “It’s like being handed a new map to your neighborhood that has all sorts of stuff you didn’t know existed before,” said CEO Vincent Gibson.