#LDS15 Why Google Will Dominate Local Search for a Decade

During a presentation at Street Fight’s Local Data Summit in Denver Tuesday, David Mihm, director of local search strategy at Moz, argued that a few key innovations will keep the search giant on top. The company’s massive local data set, said Mihm, offers a distinct advantage that will allow the firm to leave competitors further and further behind.

#LDS15 Stefan Weitz: Machines Have Enough Data to Understand the Real World

“We now have enough data to allow machines to figure out what the real world is,” Weitz said during a presentation at Street Fight’s Local Data Summit in Denver Thursday. “Technology will not replace us — it will augment our lives; and search, in particular, is about to radically enhance reality.”

What Programmatic Advertising Means for Local Media

Street Fight caught up with Frost Prioleau, chief executive officer at Simplifi, a Dallas-based programmatic advertising platform that specializes in localized campaigns, to talk about what programmatic advertising means for local marketers…

4 Hot Startups Using Big Data in Local Contexts

Technology companies, both big and small, are creating new ways for marketers and consumers to connect locally. These startups, who will be speaking at the Local Data Summit next week, are using local data to reinvent the way we travel, market and even park…