How Reddit and Local Media Consortium Upvoted Each Other and Became Partners

But Reddit and the LMC each has something that the other wants. Reddit would like to tap into the LMC’s huge pool of 470 million unique visitors and turn many of them into subscribers. LMC publishers wants to learn from Reddit how to make their readers more engaged. Now, old media and new media are teaming up.

Street Fight Daily: Uberall Acquires Navads; In-App Ad Spend Grows, Led by Video

TODAY IN LOCAL & DIGITAL MARKETING AND MEDIA… Uberall Acquires Rival Navads, Announces $25M in Fresh Funding… PubMatic Report on Mobile Advertising Demonstrates Strength of Video… AppLovin Acquires MAX in a Bid to Spur In-App Header Bidding Adoption…

LMC Aims to ‘Think Completely Differently’ About Future of Local News

“The biggest challenges for the LMC and the local news industry are concerns around transparency, viewability, and fraud, which produce disconnects between buyer and seller,” says Local Media Consortium Board Chair Chris Loretto.

Street Fight Daily: Google Revamps Maps, Echo’s Market Share Slides as Speaker War Heats Up

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology… Google Maps Platform Arrives, Changing the Game for Developers… Amazon Echo Losing Market Share as Smart Speaker Rivalry Intensifies… Square’s Loss Widens As Spending Picks Up…

Denver and Other Communities Get the News Providers They Deserve

Communities, from activist citizens on up to major civic and other nonprofit institutions, will have to step forward to prevent local news organizations from being gutted by owners without roots in the communities those organizations service.

Local Media Consortium Not About to Retreat From Its Google and Facebook Ties

Questions are being raised about whether news publishers should keep expanding their relationships with Google and Facebook, and even whether they should pull out altogether. But you don’t hear that talk from the Local Media Consortium, which represents more than 70 newspaper, broadcasting and other local media companies.

LMC’s Coats Not Bullish on ‘Information Trust Exchange’ to Monetize Content

After mulling over the recent proposal to realign publishers’ relationships with advertisers and readers, I went to Rusty Coats, executive director of the Local Media Consortium, to see if he thought it was something legacy media companies would buy into.

Local Media Consortium Touts New comScore-Validated Reach

The 75 newspaper groups and broadcasters that comprise the Local Media Consortium have always pitched advertisers that their “premium” content pulled in big numbers of readers. But LMC’s stats on unique visitors to its members’ 1,600 digital platforms were produced by a crazy quilt of measurements from individual publishers. The result was totals so high […]

‘Legacies’ Open Door to ‘Pure Plays’ With Local Media Consortium

The Local Media Consortium has grown to 50 publishers, whose products include 800 newspapers and 200 broadcast stations across the U.S. Here, Rusty Coats, executive director, talks about where LMC is after its first year and where it’s headed…