How Should SMBs Respond to Complaints on Social Media?

The way a merchant responds to complaints on social media will influence not only the perception of the offended customer, but also the perception of any potential customers who view the interaction online. Here are eight strategies that business owners can use when deciding how best to respond to customer complaints on social media.

6 Tools SMBs Can Use to Identify Dissatisfied Customers

Customer opinions have never mattered more, when just a few dissatisfied customers have the ability to tank a small business’s reputation on social media and review websites like Yelp. Here’s how vendors are giving SMBs a way to make all of their customers feel heard.

5 Ways Merchants Can Use Hyperlocal Tech to Improve Service This Holiday Season

With the holiday season upon us, local merchants are pulling out all the stops to entice shoppers into their stores and away from their computers, with many focusing on customer service as their differentiator. Here are five ways local merchants can improve customer service this holiday season by implementing hyperlocal technology.

5 Tools for Mobile Customer Service

Catering to customer demand doesn’t have to mean scouring Twitter and Yelp for negative reviews all day long. Using one or more hyperlocal platforms, even the smallest merchants can introduce the types of mobile customer service channels their customers want. Here are five examples…

6 Platforms Merchants Can Use for Real-Time Customer Interaction

New customer interaction solutions are using mobile and location technology for enhanced customer experiences. In many cases, these hyperlocal tools give business owners a way to interact with customers in real-time and resolve problems before complaints start showing up online. Here are six of them…