Can the New Model for News Be Found in Networks?

“The old economic model is disintegrating faster than new alternatives are emerging,” former Seattle Times executive editor Mike Fancher told Street Fight. “While things seem to be falling apart, I am optimistic that new models will develop. Some will be for-profit; others will be non-profit or public. There may be new hybrid models as well. “

Street Fight Daily: Facebook’s Latent Local Threat, Why Reviews Trump Social

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal content, commerce, and technology.Facebook Local Search’s Sleeping Giant, or Just Sleeping? (SearchEngineWatch)… Why Customer Reviews Trump Social-Media Marketing (Inc.)… Personalized Commerce: Coming to an Internet Near You (AdAge)…

The ‘New News Ecology’ Needs to Be Nourished With Sustainable Revenue

The grand, this-is-where-we’re-going commitment at the Journalism That Matters meeting held last week in Denver was encouraging. Local journalism needs this re-invention of what it does and how it relates to a newly empowered public that is outgrowing its old role as a passive consumer of news. I hope, though, that JTM members will also make “investigating new economic models” an important part of the new news ecology they’re creating.

Can Local Media Find New Opportunities by Catering to Brands?

“Journalism is Dead, Long Live Journalism” is the theme of a conference I’ll be attending this week in Denver. And the name isn’t a surprising one — there’s been a lot of angst lately about the emerging business models for digital journalism. Futility can be difficult, but it also can bring sea change. With that in mind, here are a few of the ideas I’ll likely be discussing with folks at the conference.

More ‘Serious Disruption’ in Store for the Local News Industry

Local and hyperlocal journalism, like the entire news industry, is being pushed toward big change — to leave its editor-centric culture and connect more deeply with the community in the news-gathering process. Peggy Holman, co-founder of Journalism That Matters, is one of the on-the-ground agents of change…