Report: Consumers Accept Higher Prices But Demand Better Customer Service

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According to a new report from the conversation intelligence platform Invoca, rising inflation has consumers rethinking high-value purchases, like cars and home improvement projects. However, the majority of consumers say they’re willing to pay those higher prices if it means getting better customer service from their favorite brands.

How Marketers Can Respond to Price Concerns

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Consumers are feeling price conscious after months of historic inflation and a looming recession that some say the US has already entered. What exactly are consumers feeling, and how are marketers to respond? Ted Rogers, chief revenue officer at Digital River, checked in with Street Fight to share results from the company’s latest consumer survey. 

Buy Now, Pay Later BNPL

Report: Brand Loyalty at Stake, as More Consumers Prioritize Affordability

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According to the Q2 Consumer Trends Report released by Jungle Scout, the desire to save money is driving brand, product, and e-commerce preferences more than any other factor.