Street Fight Daily: Microsoft Invests in Foursquare, Target Turns to Chip and Pin

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology.Foursquare Teams With Microsoft for Dollars and Data (Wall Street Journal)… Target Vows to Speed Anti-Fraud Technology (New York Times)… Satya Nadella: Our SMB ‘Ringer’ at Microsoft (Local Onliner)…

7 Strategies For Measuring the ROI of Indoor Location Campaigns

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Discounts. Shopping cart and cubes with percentNational retailers and CPG brands are willing to spend big on indoor location campaigns, but only when the platforms they’re using are providing an excellent return on their investments. As the industry continues to expand, vendors are being forced to get smarter about the ways they demonstrate ROI and sales lift. The more precisely an indoor platform can demonstrate its value on a per campaign basis, the easier it is to justify its price to skeptical corporate clients. Here are seven strategies for measuring the ROI of an indoor location campaign…

9 Ways Merchants Can Upgrade the In-Store Experience With Hyperlocal Tools

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If brick-and-mortar retailers want to compete with e-commerce competitors, they have to make the in-store shopping experience better for their customers. Nearly half (48%) of shoppers surveyed by Cisco said they are currently using, or would like to use, a smartphone to shop while inside a store. Here are nine ideas for how retailers can tackle the issue from top executives in the field of hyperlocal marketing…