Can Local Online Media Rid Itself of Bad Advertising?

The future of local advertising will likely be the gradual discontinuation of blatant or intrusive media ads, replaced by social media and business generated content marketing. The argument about what constitutes bad advertising will slowly become moot…

Street Fight Daily: Journatic Exposed, Living Social Experiments

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal content, commerce, and technologyJournatic worker takes ‘This American Life’ inside outsourced journalism (Poynter)… LivingSocial Experiments With Daily Deals, and It’s Like a Virtual Club Med (All Things D)… Mobile Is Where The Growth Is (AVC)… With “Connected Apps,” Foursquare Firms Its Position As The Social Network For Places (TechCrunch)… Making Location Services Slick & Simple (Inc.)… With Google Now, Android Puts Apple’s Siri To Shame(SAI)