Local Search for Events: The Great Missed Opportunity

My jumping off point for this week’s column is a recent post from Greg Sterling, where he observes that despite all the impressive innovation around local search in recent years, no one has launched a truly useful local events service. I have had this feeling for years and wasn’t sure if it was just me. But if Greg doesn’t know about a local events service that truly works, I think it’s fair to say one doesn’t exist. So pay attention, developers and entrepreneurs: local events need a killer app…

Geobrowsing for Friends, Food and Fun

Bringing it all together in a nicely organized fashion is clearly what many people want in a service that takes all things local into account – especially on the small screen. Lots have tried; a few are doing a nice job. Newcomer Geomium might just fall in with the “few”. Relying on data from Eventful, […]