The Biggest Roadblocks to Building a Top Loyalty Program

To build a successful loyalty program, make sure that customers can see what points and rewards they’ve earned without making them jump through hoops. Make your system as transparent and frictionless as possible, and try to communicate via each member’s preferred channel.

4 Ways That Retailers Can Gain Traction on Mobile

As retailers continue to reimagine marketing to consumers using mobile, the tools to do so will evolve as well. Similar to marketing automation for B2B, retailer-focused solutions providers are enriching their platforms so that retailers can deliver marketing messages and offers to highly segmented consumers.

7 Strategies for Improving Mobile Coupon Redemption Rates

As smartphone use continues to soar, the landscape for promotions and offers is shifting. Despite the push to digitize coupons and phase out printed materials, mobile coupon redemption rates remain surprisingly low. Here are seven strategies for improving performance that marketers should consider…

7 Strategies for Better Text Message Marketing

Thirty-eight percent of businesses use SMS/MMS for marketing, according to a 2013 survey by StrongMail, versus 20% that use mobile push notifications. Here are seven strategies that merchants can use to reinvigorate their text message marketing campaigns…