The Rise of Text Messages as a Political Ad Medium

The 2016 election will be remembered for many things, but for marketers it will be the emergence of text messages as a medium. Text messaging has become an essential tool in running a political campaign and every candidate now uses SMS/MMS to get the word out.

As Obama vs. Romney Heads to Homestretch, Campaigns Get Hyperlocal

With seven weeks remaining until Election Day, it’s seeming clear that the ballots of specific swing voters in specific neighborhoods in Florida, Ohio, Virginia and other battleground states could once again decide the presidency. Recent polls show the two candidates neck-and-neck in several states, and campaigns, super PACs and other interest groups are employing geographically targeted political ad platforms more than ever…

What Hyperlocal Publishers Need to Know About Accepting Political Ads

As the fall elections approach, hyperlocal publishers must ensure they comply with federal regulations that govern political advertisements. Most political advertisements must include some form of a disclaimer explaining who paid for the ad and whether it was approved by a candidate…

2012 Election to Drive $9.8 Billion in Ads, Online Share Growing

Campaigns, fueled in large part by Super PAC money, will spend a whopping $9.8 billion on political ads this year, according to Borrell Associates. That’s up from $7 billion in 2008. Online advertising, although still a small chunk of the business, will increase more than 615% between 2008 and 2012 to $160 million.