Street Fight Daily: Advertisers Debate Ads Data Hub as Google ID Vanishes, Verifone Partners with TruRating

TODAY IN LOCAL & DIGITAL MARKETING… As Google Restricts Its Ad ID, Advertisers Debate Whether to Use Ads Data Hub… TruRating, Verifone Deal Highlights Importance of Customer Feedback Data… Newly Launched Block Club Chicago (Out of DNAinfo) Goes a ‘Bit Old School’…

Newly Launched Block Club Chicago (Out of DNAinfo) Goes a ‘Bit Old School’

Last November, discount-stock-brokerage billionaire Joe Ricketts summarily shut down his DNAinfo operations in the Windy City and New York. But in a fast-paced reinvention, the DNAinfo/Chicago team has Kickstarted its way back onto the streets and into the neighborhoods with the June launch of Block Club Chicago.

From DNAinfo’s Ashes, Three News Vets Are Launching Their Phoenix in Chicago

The site’s non-billionaire founders aim to succeed with a radically different revenue strategy from their DNAinfo alma mater — their plan for domination does not include advertising. In this Q & A, director of strategy Jen Sabella tells how she and her partners are mapping a new way to make local news work.