Apple, McDonald’s, and Disney Lead Rise in Q1 OOH Ad Spend Street Fight

Apple, McDonald’s, and Disney Lead Rise in Q1 OOH Ad Spend

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As the upfront presentations wound down, and negotiations began in earnest this month, it’s worth noting that a recent news report signaled a distinct set of diminishing media spending returns in linear TV. The article also said the beneficiaries of TV’s decline are social media spend and OOH ad spend. The Out of Home Advertising Association […]

Tinuiti Report: Temu Takes a Break Street Fight

Tinuiti Report: Temu Takes a Break

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Somebody must have given Temu a talking to. The e-commerce brand that offers very competitively priced items was glomming up ad inventory across social media throughout 2023 to the consternation of its competitors.  And then, just like that… it receded. Temu, which increased its ad spending a whopping 1,000% in 2023 from the previous year […]

As Obama vs. Romney Heads to Homestretch, Campaigns Get Hyperlocal

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With seven weeks remaining until Election Day, it’s seeming clear that the ballots of specific swing voters in specific neighborhoods in Florida, Ohio, Virginia and other battleground states could once again decide the presidency. Recent polls show the two candidates neck-and-neck in several states, and campaigns, super PACs and other interest groups are employing geographically targeted political ad platforms more than ever…