Firefly, Mounting Ad Displays to Ubers, Comes Out of Stealth with $21.5M

Firefly, a new digital ad company, hopes to provide Uber drivers with another way to make money as they drive. The startup has quietly assembled a fleet of close to 1,000 Uber drivers in San Francisco and Los Angeles who have been mounting ad displays to the top of their vehicles.

Captivate Partners with Location Tech Companies to Deliver Geo-Targeted OOH Ads

Captivate is getting more sophisticated, collaborating with tech-savvy partners to deliver OOH ads based on its audiences’ interests and locations. This year, Captivate announced its “Places” platform, which centralizes its planning and data analytic tools and “puts them in one place for the marketplace,” Shapiro said.

Uberflip Empowers Companies to Personalize Their Content

When it comes to marketing, content is king. But how can marketers make sure that content they post on their blogs ends up in front of the right people—and eventually leads to a sale? Uberflip believes it has an AI-based solution: a recommendation engine.

Klosebuy Leverages Power of Loyalty Points, Organic Content to Strengthen Local Businesses

More and more, local retailers are understanding the importance of finding a loyalty program that works for them. Klosebuy, a Fort Lauderdale-based loyalty solution vendor, has recently discovered the difference that its product can make for small businesses.

No Wallet, No Problem. Yombu Scans Your Fingerprint for Payments, Loyalty Rewards

Credit cards made it possible to leave cash behind. Then, digital wallets like ApplePay let you leave home without your wallet. Now, Washington, D.C., startup Yombu is making it possible to pay and get access to membership rewards with just your fingerprint.

TripAdvisor Wants to Become Your Social Media Network for Travel

What started as a site for travel reviews is pivoting to become a social media hub for travelers, providing a personalized travel planning experience that combines reviews and recommendations from friends, publishers, and influencers, the company announced Monday.

PubMatic Report on Mobile Advertising Demonstrates Strength of Video

As the mobile ad market continues to grow, advertisers should look to leverage in-app private marketplaces and video advertising, according to a report on mobile advertising trends by publisher-focused sell-side platform PubMatic.

Home Services Company Porch Acquires Rival Serviz

Seattle-based home services platform Porch has struck a deal to buy rival on-demand home services platform Serviz, growing the former’s network of home professionals to new markets, the company announced on Wednesday morning.

Dstillery Launches Data Visualization Tool Dscover Maps, Fueled by Quality Audience Profiles

On Monday, applied data science company Dstillery of New York City launched its Dscover Maps product, which allows advertisers to get a big-picture view of audience data by geography. Dstillery throws out data points that aren’t useful to them—about 60 to 75% of data—leaving only quality information.

PureCars CEO Talks Power of Location Data—And How Some Brands Can Build Beyond It

Street Fight talked with Sam Mylrea, CEO of PureCars, a marketing automation and business intelligence suite for auto dealers, to discuss how his company uses location data to help dealerships capture the attention of nearby customers.

Consumers Demand Personalization, Range of Features from Brand Apps

Consumers demand high and varied functionality from brand apps. About three in five consumers expect promotions and exclusive deals and loyalty programs, and half want to make purchases within the app, a report released this week by digital and mobile development firm WillowTree indicated.

Cousins Subs Leverages Social, Marketing Tech to Stay Local

Look at the menu board at Cousins Subs, and you’ll immediately notice how important local is to the restaurant’s brand. But the commitment extends beyond the Wisconsin cheddar cheese featured among the Midwest chain’s list of local ingredients—it goes all the way back to how the brand chooses to represent itself on social channels.

Report from RhythmOne Illuminates Efficacy of Influencer Marketing

A recent report aggregating RhythmOne campaign data showed that advertisers who used influencer marketing campaigns in 2017 saw $12.30 in earned media value for every dollar spent.

TripleLift Partners with White Ops to Fight Ad Fraud

Native advertising platform TripleLift announced last week that it is partnering with White Ops to prevent fraudulent traffic on its platform. The move marks the first time a native exchange has offered pre-bid fraud prevention across its entire inventory.

Regions Bank Foregrounds the Lives of its Customers on Social With a Local Focus

“We think about our customers’ lives and the big events taking place in their lives. We focus more on the consumer and their needs than the brand and the messages we may want to push out ourselves,” said Regions Bank’s head of social media, Melissa Musgrove.

Shift to Mobile and Eurozone Growth Fuel Search Spend on Global Scale

Global search spend increased by 11% YOY, according to digital marketing provider Marin Software’s Q1 2018 Digital Benchmark Report.
The study found that the increase in search ad spend has been spurred by higher cost-per-click rates, driven by mobile spending.

Domino’s Mobile Gaming App Increases Brand Exposure Between Sales

Forget special badges or gold-level status—for those who complete all six levels of its new mobile game, Domino’s is giving out free pizza.

Blaze Pizza Leverages Mobile App, Instagram, Events to Entice and Keep Customers

Blaze Pizza has branded itself as the on-the-go pizza option for millennials. In-app mobile ordering, location technology, and a focus on partnering with local franchise owners who know their neighborhoods have allowed Blaze to maintain a robust loyalty program and keep its customers coming back.

Customers Who Hop Onto Digital Trends Earliest Less Engaged With Advertisements

Marketers look to trendsetters as “influencers,” but can the influencer be influenced herself? A study recently published in the journal “Marketing Science” suggests that, in fact, early propagators of trends tend to respond less to advertising than latecomers.

How Dunkin’ Thinks About Google Assistant Integration and the Future of Mobile Ordering

“Increasingly, brands are being judged by the experience they deliver as much as the product,” said Paul Murray, Dunkin’ brands director of digital experience. “This is a really good example for us where we’re delivering on a great product and we’re also delivering on the experience, and we’re leveraging new technology to do it.”