How Arrivalist Is Using Location Data to Measure Exposure to Travel Ads

In the past, destination marketers relied on active input from visitors who shared comments on what made them book a trip to a particular place. The ability to anonymously track devices, however, has opened the door to new ways to get real data on travel.

With New Partnership, Commerce Signals and PlaceIQ Marry Location With Transaction Data

Commerce Signals this week rolled out its new centerpiece product, called databridge. The platform lets marketers see unfiltered transaction data directly from financial institutions when purchases are made. This transaction information is being combined with location data in a new partnership with PlaceIQ.

Lyft’s Melnick: ‘No Magic Bullet’ for Building a Multi-sided Marketplace

Conjuring up up a community of drivers and passengers for a ride-hailing service from scratch is no easy feat. We recently caught up with Lyft’s New York City manager Seth Melnick to talk about the challenges of multi-sided local marketplaces and about what the company is doing to extend its reach in the city.

HomeAdvisor CEO: The Marketplace for Home Services Is ‘Operationally Intense’

“If you’re going to get into [the home services] space, you better be prepared to really invest and for the long haul,” says Chris Terrill. “There are no quick fixes or technology that’s suddenly going to turn this thing around.”

On-Demand Services and Apps Becoming Inevitable Tools for Reaching Customers

Plenty of companies claim to be the “Uber of” their respective markets, but there is more to making it in this scene than just getting goods to customers fast. And not every company gets it right immediately; there is a steep learning curve for handling the logistics behind on-demand services.