Empyr Takes the Wraps Off New Cost-Per-Revenue, Performance Marketing Platform

Empyr has revealed a new performance marketing platform that can verify when campaigns send customers to brick-and-mortar locations to make purchases. The promise is that it would let marketers better focus their spending on ads that deliver verified foot traffic.

GoDaddy Balances Tech and Self-Service in a Fragmented Marketplace

“The way that you cut through the noise is to build products and services that are loved by the people who use them so much that they proactively tell their neighbor next to them, or proactively tell the business group they are a part of,” says the company’s product chief, Steven Aldrich.

How Harman Takes Electronics Marketing to the Local Level

Having the customer’s ear is literally what Harman International wants, but getting their attention at the local level takes more than a few steps for a consumer electronics maker. Shobhit Kapoor, Harman’s vice president of global brand marketing, caught up with Street Fight recently to talk about how the company thinks about connecting with local consumers.

Location Data About Legal Cannabis Reveals Shifts in Consumer Behavior

Another 4/20 is upon us and as cannabis patrons prepare to celebrate, the marketing world is still trying to figure out how best to reach legal consumers of marijuana. Foursquare released data earlier this week that illustrates a few trends among legal cannabis consumers.

Disney’s Deep Dive on Personality Research, and Its Potential Implications for Brand Marketers

A division of The Walt Disney Company has been working on a method to better target marketing by learning more about consumers’ personalities. Research scientist Maarten Bos spoke to us about how consumer personality can be understood and how the information can be used to tailor ads more precisely.

MapQuest Tackling More Location Data and Services Under Verizon Ownership

Elise Neel, the head of MapQuest for business, spoke to Street Fight recently about the ways marketers now regard and value location data, the role mixed reality may play in mapping, and what it means for MapQuest to operate under Verizon’s ownership.

Geopath Taps Tech from Citilabs for Audience Location Measurement

Nonprofit organization Geopath, previously known as the Traffic Audit Bureau for Media Measurement, has announced it will use software from Citilabs to power an audience location measurement solution for out-of-home advertisers.

Blis Forecasts Where Consumers Will Be — Then Targets Ads Based on That Prediction

The company is unveiling a new service that it claims can figure out where consumers will likely go — and target mobile ads based on those expectations. Blis Futures uses artificial intelligence to identify patterns about where consumers are likely to spend time, and then focuses brands’ marketing to reach them at optimal moments.

Foursquare Analytics, a Dashboard for Location Intel, Debuts

Today marks the public debut of Foursquare Analytics, a dashboard that puts location intelligence in the hands of brands the company works with. The dashboard, he says, leverages Foursquare’s location tech capabilities for restaurant chains, retailers, and others who need deeper consumer analytics.

InMarket Unveils Program to Recapture Lost Shoppers — And Revenue — for Retailers

The company’s new program identifies consumers who have not visited a partner retailer for a set period of time. This information is then used to put ads in front of the consumer to encourage them to return.

xAd Introduces Pay-for-Performance Model, Guaranteeing Offline Store Visits

Location intelligence company xAd today launched a new media buying model called “Cost Per Visit,” which is intended to ensure offline visits at stores by customers — and offer better ROI for brands. Marketers who use “Cost Per Visit” only pay when targeted customers physically go to a store after seeing a mobile ad.

ShopChat Comes Out of Stealth with a Mobile Shopping Keyboard

ShopChat’s newly debuted mobile shopping keyboard works with messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger and Apple iMessage, letting users find and share pictures of products through their smartphones with their friends. Those friends can then give feedback, including emojis, and recommendations about the products.

Commerce Signals and LiveRamp Partner to Create a Sales Data Yardstick

Data firm Commerce Signals has partnered with LiveRamp to make data more valuable to merchants and advertisers. The collaboration draws upon sales data from banks and financial networks to enable marketing measurement and optimization across digital publishers and devices.

GoDaddy Launches Simple Way to Scale Up E-Commerce Sites

GoDaddy today is releasing a new Web hosting product that the company says makes it easier for anyone, regardless of their technical proficiency, to run high-traffic, e-commerce sites. It’s also a way for SMBs to gain access to more management and security options for their websites while sticking to a budget.

NinthDecimal Decouples Its Data, Expands Partnerships, and Moves Into the Black

The location data company announced this morning that it has crossed the line into profitability and CEO Michael Fordyce believes NinthDecimal has found an approach that will help it scale up in a big way. Fordyce and chief revenue officer Brian Slitt spoke with Street Fight recently about the need to measure and understand audiences across a myriad of media and channels.

Foursquare Releases Pilgrim SDK, Allowing Third Parties to Access Its Location Intel

Apps and brands can now get their hands on some of the technology Foursquare uses to pinpoint where smartphones are in real-time — and get a clearer picture of when people move from location to location.

Cheetah Ads Debuts, Racing to Make Mobile Ads Smarter Through AI

Mobile app and content developer Cheetah Mobile has taken the wraps off its rebranding today, and is showing off the renewed focus of its mobile ad business. The move is intended to unify elements of the company — in particular utility apps and mobile content — for mobile advertising.

How Turning Loyalty Campaigns Into a Data Play Transformed Empyr

Coaxing more customers to walk in and shop is what every merchant wants out of a loyalty program, but it is not always clear how effective these campaigns are. That’s why attribution — knowing for sure that new business resulted from an SMB’s marketing efforts — is such a holy grail in local.

Marriage of Listings, Data, and Social Drive Better Results, Says SweetIQ CEO

A long-brewing change is transforming the way local business listings get used, says SweetIQ’s Mohannad El-Barachi. In a recent interview with he tells Street Fight that the integration of more features, such as chat or connections to social media, opens up new ways for businesses to bring in customers.

Waze Says Its Crowdsourced Navigation Data Brings Clarity for Marketers

Tapping into geolocation data has become essential for hyperlocal marketing strategies — but according to the folks at navigation app Waze, understanding what consumers are really up to when they travel around is a crucial next step. It can be easy for brands to make presumptions based solely on the fact that a specific person […]