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With Digital Video, Newspaper Companies Could Disrupt Local TV

1 Comment 19 July 2013 by

Here’s what I think will happen. The local newspapers that are smart are already getting serious about creating video content. Some of them are beginning to figure out how to get that content to consumers via set-top boxes, and they will be the first to experiment with partnering with companies like Aereo instead of fighting […]

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Why SMB Marketing Services Won’t Save Newspapers’ Bottom Line

7 Comments 05 July 2013 by

Most newspapers aren’t building new and innovative tools to provide SMB services. Instead they are white labeling offerings from other providers or are connecting their audiences to an existing service. Over time, SMB tools are going to become a commodity. When someone who is still in high school can offer exactly what you are offering, […]

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How Facebook’s Rumored News Product Could Hurt Local Sites

5 Comments 21 June 2013 by

News websites dodged a bullet when Facebook didn’t announce a rumored RSS or news-in-your-news-feed product yesterday. If Facebook actually got serious about these plans, news websites could expect an even larger portion of their site’s traffic to be directed through the social network — and their brands could be endangered…

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Realigning News Sites to Connect ‘Local’ and Interests

1 Comment 24 May 2013 by

When we talk about hyperlocal, it’s usually about taking content and advertising down to the neighborhood (and sub-neighborhood) level. But it’s possible to go a bit deeper than that, and I think there is still a lot of work to be done around combining local content and advertising with people’s interests…

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How Publishers Can Create Hyperlocal Magazines Using Flipboard’s New Tools

2 Comments 09 May 2013 by

This morning Flipboard launched a new web application called “Flipboard Editor,” the latest in a series of tools that allow users to create magazines for the Flipboard app. The new editor makes it even easier for users to create beautiful magazines (of already existing content) that they can share with other users. As Flipboard grows […]

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What Hyperlocal Marketers Can Learn From Disney’s Wearable Devices

No Comments 26 April 2013 by

We talk a lot in the hyperlocal industry about what the future of offline marketing and commerce will look like. Mostly it would seem to involve taking the advantages of online marketing and shopping (customization, personalization, analytics, actionable CRM data, etc.) and bringing them into the real world of retail stores. Different players have been […]

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Why the Commoditization of Local Information Is an Opportunity for Journalism

7 Comments 05 April 2013 by

Some have seen the shift of local information — from something that was unique to newspapers to a commodity that is available from a variety of sources — as the end to local news. But I actually think it presents a great opportunity for journalists to do what they do best: put information into context […]

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Can Newspapers Evolve Into ‘Local Membership’ Organizations?

11 Comments 22 March 2013 by

Newspapers are well positioned to start local membership programs modeled after AAA or AARP. They have great brands in their communities, they already have a membership base in the form of subscribers, and they have strong relationships with local businesses and organizations…

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Publishers Could Gain More Control as Browsers Curb Behavioral Ads

No Comments 08 March 2013 by

As limits arise on behavioral ads, endemic sites (or sites with actionable user data) can essentially become ad networks. If browser limits mean that can no longer sell its data, then the opportunity exists for the company itself to develop a platform to sell audience extension…

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Limits on Behavioral Ads Could Bring Higher CPMs for Publishers

2 Comments 04 March 2013 by

On an Internet without online behavioral advertising, publishers with a premium audience will be in higher demand, and this will result over time in increased CPMs and increased revenue. It will be a step back in time to where premium publishers and ad networks (not exchanges) were handling most of the media buys.

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