How Dashboards Are Shaping the Way Marketers Manage Local Campaigns

Vendors are pulling out all the stops to help small and mid-size businesses acquire and retain a higher percentage of their customers. And as merchants increase the number of platforms they use for local promotions, they’re relying more heavily on dashboards to correlate their digital efforts with financial successes.

5 Dashboards for Monitoring Nearby Social Content

Social media has become a go-to channel for small business marketing, but whether a business is successful at achieving its campaign goals depends largely on strategy. Here are five examples of location-based social monitoring dashboards that merchants can try.

6 Tools for Location-Based Lead Generation

Customers are out there, and now hyperlocal technology is making it easier for businesses to find them. Nearly three-quarters of the small and medium-sized businesses surveyed by said they participated in lead generation practices, and 50% of these marketers said they plan to increase their lead generation spending in the coming year…

5 Geo-Location Tools for Social Media Posts

As social media usage takes off among SMBs, geo-location is an increasingly relevant topic. When businesses listen primarily to the opinions of consumers in their direct marketing areas, they’re better able to streamline their listening strategies and optimize their social media marketing programs. Here are five tools that businesses can use to geo-target their social media strategies…