Unstructured Data Becomes an Untapped Opportunity for Brands

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Unstructured data now represents 80% to 90% of all new enterprise data, according to Gartner, but just 18% of organizations are taking advantage. Unstructured data, like product images, customer audio files, and comments from social media, represents an untapped opportunity for marketers.

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How Predictive Analytics Reshaped Decision-Making in 2018 and Will Evolve in 2019

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In this Q&A, we dig into what Sriram Parthasarathy, senior director of product architecture and predictive analytics at Logi Analytics, envisions as the future of predictive analytics and what he believes still needs to happen before AI-enabled applications move into the mainstream.

Not All Burrito Eaters Are the Same: Why Advertisers Need to Think Local

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With the new wave of technology tools on the market, marketers can access detailed reporting to identify specific data points that are performing, or not performing, and then optimize their campaigns accordingly to improve results and curb wasted expenditure. Leveraging unstructured data for audience localization should be a top consideration.