How DMN’s Speakeasy Became a Major Revenue Driver in the Digital Transition

The newspaper’s in-house digital agency has grown to 70 client businesses that provide a significant share of the estimated $40 million of annual revenue that doesn’t originate within the walls of the DMN. The division has become the centerpiece of the company’s work to to re-establish a revenue growth model.

How the Local Web Is Helping Neighbors Connect and Build Community

We are at the cusp of being able to solve the “last mile” problem, largely because with mobile devices we are nearing 100% access and interoperability. There are three key areas where we can make a big difference, right in our local community, with the types of information available to enrich our local lives: government; commerce and community…

Stuck in the Middle: Why Should ‘Local’ Mean ‘San Francisco?’

I’m pretty well immersed in Dallas’ start-up community, and I’ve noticed a sea change in the last couple years. We may not have the flashy, high-profile buzz-making scene that you’ll find in Silicon Valley (or Alley), but investments are happening. I think that’s partly because we’ve had to make it without the mutli-million dollar seed rounds and gut through on wits and angel investment…

Do Community News Sites Really Need to Become ‘Digital Agencies’?

For answers, I went to Julie Brooks, CEO of, who went into and then out of, an ambitious program of agency-like marketing services; Mike Orren, president of the new marketing service firm Speakeasy, which he co-founded with the Dallas Morning News; and Carll Tucker, CEO of Daily Voice, who is considering expansion of marketing services it offers.