Street Fight Daily: Foursquare Eyes Funding, SEC Presses Groupon

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal content, commerce, and technology.Foursquare Looks Into A Fourth Round At An Over $700M Valuation, Investors Skeptical (TechCrunch)… SEC Asked Groupon for Financial Disclosures (The Wall Street Journal)… Yelp’s Flaws Become Apple Maps Flaws in iOS 6 (GigaOm)…

Crowdfunding Could Upend Hyperlocal — Here’s What You Need to Know

The new JOBS Act has opened the door for crowdfunding, a boon to hyperlocals seeking new ways to launch their businesses. But it may take until early next year before the Securities and Exchange Commission establishes rules that will govern the process. What to do in the meantime? Keep an eye on what regulators may churn up, see what major crowdfunding sites plan to offer, and explore whether hyperlocals need their own niche investment portal…

News Recap: Groupon’s Financial Troubles

Groupon took flak this week after the daily deals giant restated its fourth quarter earnings and cited inadequate resources allocated for refunds. In the wake of the restatement, the recently public company’s stock price plummeted, the SEC initiated a probe into its business practices, and it was hit with a stockholder’s lawsuit. Here’s a look back at some of the coverage of Groupon’s troubling week…

Groupon Backs Off Offering

The best or biggest deal, assertion, investment or other strategy this week.

Who: Facebook

What: Pulling back on the IPO throttle

This week Groupon said it would cancel the roadshow for its long-touted IPO, which was set to take place this fall and will now be postponed indefinitely.